8:55pm October 20, 2014


8:00pm October 20, 2014

Rhodocrocite rough.. origin: Peru


Rhodocrocite rough.. origin: Peru

4:15pm October 20, 2014
Puppy sized Spider

Puppy sized Spider

4:10pm October 20, 2014

Time to go to work.

4:07pm October 20, 2014

Safe pets.

4:00pm October 20, 2014

Lulu logic.

3:57pm October 20, 2014

Wisdom from the stairwell: life’s funny.

2:56pm October 20, 2014


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1:55pm October 20, 2014

“Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.”

— William Blake
1:45pm October 20, 2014

@fairuza @Back_To_89 @chuckster2012

Dear Gaping Asshole aka Simon Lacklustre;

Fairuza is polite and simply blocks people who are rude. I on the other hand am not renown for my polite nature to those that are fuck ups who need to be dished reality. Reporting you would be a pleasure. It actually makes my day to take privileges away from rude shit talking assholes. You may have noticed I have a very small following considering all the things I have done in my life. People like you are the reason why my followings are minute and select. Because it’s a fucking privalage to follow me not your fucking right and if you talk shit you hit bricks. Simple. Man I block people more famous than God because they are just really shitty fucking people… much like yourself.

Fairuza has been in show business since she was a child. She did not go chasing fame as a poor star struck teenager who saw how you could get laid and paid if you acted and sang. She is doing the job she knows how to do because she has been doing this job since she was a little fucking girl. She didn’t go to school and day dream about being famous she was helping put food on the table for her family as a kid.

It is not an insult to say someone is or is not famous. Fame is an illusion.

And there are BILLIONS of people on this planet who are not famous and calling them not famous or some level of famous isn’t going to phase them because it’s irrelevant. You don’t go around the grocery store and say to the clerk… “Hey you’re not famous. You are just doing your job and making money so you have a house and food to eat.”

Fairuza is working in an industry that allows visibility to people who work in it and there are many many people that work in it who are not working at the moment and who have only a small catalog of films in their resume. And there are many people with a deeper resume than her and there are many people with nothing who have been there for their whole life trying to be “FAMOUS” not trying to ACT.She is a hard working goodhearted person who doesn’t fuck people over to be famous which if you know the industry is a regular deal. 

But inferring that she has the inflated ego of some dream chasing fame whore is bullshit and you are moronic. Fairuza has had steady work as an actress her entire life. Whether a film is a blockbuster or not is negligent. It is negligent of the fact the that many talented directors and actors ask to work with her consistently. They want to work with her because of her talent, professional nature, kind-heartedness and beauty. She by nature is an introvert and doesn’t seek socialite status of fame whores. In every profession there is a consummate. Someone to whom people go to and rely on because of ability. Fairuza is one of those people whether it is a lead roll or a supporting roll. There are thousands of out of work actors and thousands of people who are famous for no reason other than fame. Those people have not been apart of cult classic films and blockbusters like Fairuza has. She doesn’t come on to twitter and pimp her work: she chats with people and asks that help be given to causes. We have the pleasure of not being bombarded with commercials for anything she does or any of her wears. We are only told about these things as they happen and on occasions need and yet her ventures do well. Her fame is the fame of respect. Mega semi or none she is a person, a human being that should be respected as all people should be respected. She has garnered the fame that’s given to given to one who wakes & does their job and nothing more.We get to know her & that’s it.

And if twitter had of been around in the 90’s when the world was lit with her name… all of the fickle comers and goers would have drown her in followers. As it is the fact that some of her most popular films go as far back as 1985 to the here and now you have no grounds to dismiss her.

Madonna doesn’t even have 1M followers in fact only having 500K plus there are oscar winners that might just break 1m twitter bots inspiration quotes and porn site promo followers then the fact that modest and introverted Fairuza has 23K having barely saying a peep in the world should say a little something about how SEMI she is and how loving and loyal and real (not fickle infatuants and sycophants) the people who do follow her are.

And if you ask me she puts up with too much shit as it is. So please go do your own job what ever that may be and keep your rude judgements to yourself.

You gaping asshole.

Love forever


12:20pm October 20, 2014

Alan Watts - Mind over Mind

12:04pm October 20, 2014

Jennifer Mercede

before the kitchen close up


before the kitchen close up
11:30am October 20, 2014

Throughglass by FKA twigs

10:51am October 20, 2014
In keeping with the theme.

In keeping with the theme.

8:55am October 20, 2014
Hero of the highest order.

Hero of the highest order.