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Today’s News Stories (June 13th), 2012

Cartoonist Turns Lawsuit Threat into $100K Charity Fundraiser

“I’d rather just focus on writing comics,” a young man told me when I asked him why he responded to a lawsuit threat by starting a rather successful charity fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and the National Wildlife Federation. Sounds strange and somewhat illogical, right? Well, keep reading, because — over $100,000 in donations later — it’s probably the most reasonable decision you’ll encounter on the Internet today.

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Post-Surgery Photo of ‘Miami Zombie’ Victim Released [Warning: Graphic]

The first post-surgery photos of ‘Miami Zombie’ attack victim Ronald Poppo were released this afternoon during a press conference at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Up to 80% of Poppo’s face was violently ripped off by Rudy Eugene, a 31-year-old Miami-area resident who was subsequently shot and killed by a local police officer. According to doctors from the hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, Poppo is “awake and alert,” and is handling the emotional trauma “remarkably well.” Dr. Nicholas Namias spoke with Poppo this morning, and said he had two words he wanted to convey: “Go Heat.”

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Canada Rises to 4th in World Peace Rankings

Canada rose to fourth on an annual ranking of world peacefulness, trailing only Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand, while Syria posted the biggest drop on the list.

The 2012 index ranks 158 nations using 23 indicators which gauge ongoing domestic and international conflict, societal safety and security, and militarization. The 2011 list included 153 countries.

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Retina MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals New Heights of User-Inaccessibility

Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display has gone through the traditional gadget rite of passage, the ceremonial teardown, and it’s clear that a compact form-factor demands a compromise in repairability. In fact, iFixit says, it’s incredibly difficult to open up and access the components inside, being awarded the worst possible score for the potential for user-repair. The struggle begins from the outset, with Apple’s proprietary pentalobe screws making an appearance for the first time on a MacBook (and demanding a special driver), and continues all the way through.

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Euro 2012 Riot Video and Photos: Poland Vs. Russia

Poland and Russia fans fought it out on the streets before today’s Euro 2012 football match. Police fired off water cannons and tear gas to help break up the dozens of fighting hooligans. Over a 100 unruly Polish/Russian fans were treated for injuries – brought about by centuries of bad blood, age-old football rivalry, and lots and lots of vodka. Trouble began when Russian began marching to the National Stadium across a central Warsaw bridge chanting “Russia, Russia” and waving white, blue and red Russian flags. When Polish fans yelled obscenities at the Russian marchers, they responded by hurling bottles. (Though, less violent than the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939.) Hooligans on both sides have a bad reputation for violence, as the stadium was encircled by a thick gauntlet of riot police with dogs and rubber-bullet guns.

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Girls of the Euro 2012: Body Paint Edition

Girls of the Euro 2012: Body Paint Edition

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Auburn Shootings: Desmonte Leonard Surrenders

After a shooting that took place Saturday at Auburn University, suspect Desmonte Leonard turns himself in to the FBI and U.S. Marshals Services. Leonard’s family has reached out to attorney Susan James and she arranged for his surrender to take place at the courthouse.  

All 6 victims were under the age of 21. Two were former Auburn football players, Ladarious Phillips and Ed Christian, and another man Demario Pitts, died in the shooting. Auburn football players Eric Mack, Xavier Moss, and John Robertson were wounded.

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson apologized repeatedly to the families and the Auburn community “I know your young men won’t be coming home, but hopefully this arrest will give you some closure.”

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Comcast Protests “Shake Down” of Alleged BitTorrent Pirates

United States citizens downloading and sharing on the website BitTorrent better watch out as they risk now being monitored and possibly subjected to legal action. Copyright holders are trying to identify alleged BitTorrent users through IP-addresses this way they can contact the account holder to settle cases in return for a sum of money.

Comcast tries to defend users arguing “the court doesn’t have jurisdiction over all defendants, because many don’t live in the district in which they are being sued. The company also argues that the copyright holders have no grounds to join this many defendants in one lawsuit.” Comcast also accused the copyright holders of a copyright shake down. “Plaintiffs should not be allowed to profit from unfair litigation tactics whereby they use the offices of the Court as an inexpensive means to gain Doe defendants’ personal information and coerce ‘settlements’ from them,”

The case is in the hands of Judge Gary Feinerman who will decide if Comcast has to hand over all the subscriber data or whether the subpoenas should be destroyed.

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Lady Gaga Reveals Bruise from NZ Show

After being hit by a pole Sunday at her last concert in Auckland Lady GaGa now shares photos of her “clonker” on twitter. Makeup artist Tara Savelo assued GaGa fans that “Gaga has a concussion but she is going to be okay. She wants u to know she loves u. I’m taking care of her. cant believe she finished the show.”

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Human Bones Grown From Fat in Laboratory

Scientists have grown human bone from stem cells in laboratories. Stem cells taken from fat tissue can be grown into section of fully formed human bone up to a couple inches long. The stem cells are grown into living bone on the scaffold inside a “bioreactor”.

Cells for the bone growth are taken from the patient’s body which reduces the chances of the new bone being rejected. More then 250,000 bone grafts are performed in the UK each year. Professor Alicia El Haj, head of regenerative medicine group at Keele University said “There are a lot of people coming up with cells that can be used to repair bone but there are not many progressing to produce tissues that can be grown outside of the body and used clinically.”

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Pizza Vending Machine Poised for US Launch

After huge success in Europe A1 Concepts will be bringing their innovative pizza vending machine to American. “Let’s Pizza” machines will be set up in Malls, Airports, Supermarkets, Universities, Gas Stations, Bus Stations, and even Hospitals all across the country.  MSRP of just 5.99 for a 10.5in pizza.

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DEAR AMERICA: You Shuld Be Mad As Hell About This [CHARTS]

An econimical breakdown of America featuring current rates of Unemployment, job growth, corporate profits, and more. The author of the article states “If America cannot figure out a way to fix these problems, the country will likely become increasingly polarized and de-stabilized. And if that happens, the recent “Occupy” protests will likely be only the beginning.”

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Reports: N. Korea missile launchers came from China

According to the Japanese reports, four of the vehicles were shipped from Shanghai to North Korea last August aboard the Harmony Wish, a Cambodian-flagged cargo vessel. Japanese authorities tracked the ship by satellite, and searched it after it had delivered its cargo, when it transited through Japan the following month, the reports said.

The U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions against North Korea after its first nuclear test in 2006 and stepped up sanctions after its second test in 2009 to try to derail the country’s rogue nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. The sanctions restrict exports of weapons or technology that could be used to boost those programs.

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